Monday, August 28, 2006

Tom Cruise - whats he got to do with the movie?

Read the article about Cruise vs Paramount not only for it's mention of Bejamin Button but also for the fragile situation in Hollywood land right now. Fascinating. Anyways here is the mention of our eagerly awaited film:
Indeed, as tempers flared last week, Paramount executives were at the bargaining table with CAA, hammering out a new movie deal. By the end of last week, the studio had greenlighted "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which it is co-producing with Warner. The film depends on four of CAA's top clients.
The drama about a man who begins aging backward when he hits 50 stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, with a screenplay by Eric Roth. It will be directed by David Fincher.
Damn the movie was only greenlight last week? I would have thought this was done a while ago. Strange folks those Hollywood people.

How Fincher's Fight Club changed the game

And I'm not talking in terms of creativity and technical innovation but DVD sales! Check out this quote from an article about Blu-ray DVD's. The quote is:

Dunn says that his studio first recognized the change in consumer taste with the release of the DVD of "Fight Club," the controversial David Fincher film starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton as hopeless young men who vent their aggression through underground fight clubs. The 1999 film grossed only $44 million at the box office, but the DVD, complete with interpretation from Fincher, sold a 1 million copies.

Very interesting. It is a spectacular DVD set. The shame is the Australian version (which I have) only has one commentary track. None the less the DVD is an essential for any Fincher or movie fan! Must have!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Button the most expensive Paramount film ever?

According to this article it is. From the article:
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” has a budget of $150 million, more than twice the cost of production for the Denzel Washington movie “Déjà Vu” shot earlier this year in town. Producer Michael Arata said the Pitt movie would break all of Paramount's production records. “This is the largest movie ever filmed in the state of Louisiana and the largest movie that Paramount Studios, which has been around forever, has ever tried. So, it’s an enormous, enormous economic boon,” said Arata. Arata said dozens of New Orleanians are already employed on pre-production work for the film. Actual production should begin in November and last through April 2007.
So we have confirmation of a November date (not October as previously reported) and an expensive budget which we knew - but boy is it huge! Paramount is taking a huge risk on this. I've yet to hear if The Zodiac post production will be finished by the time cameras roll around for Benjamin Button. It's gonna be a busy few months for Fincher!
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