Monday, March 24, 2008

The Big Ass Update!

What's this? An update on the Benjamin Button blog? Yes it is true - after a year of being busy (and very lazy) I have decided to kick into gear and get updating on 2008's most anticipated movie - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Now enough with the foreplay lets get down to it!

I have read the script! I head to get that out there. No I can't trade it or give you a copy. If you want the script that badly I suggest doing a bit of doing around on some of the major movie forums. It isn't too hard to find. I read a draft dated back to 2002, credited to Eric Roth with a footnote crediting previous writer Robin Swicord. Without giving too much away I loved the script but I do think it needs some major revisions. The same draft was reviewed by movie site Collidier, but I think its safe to say the script used in the actual movie will be updated and trimmed down. You only have to glance at the IMDB credits to realise the scripts gone through major rewrites. I do think the script shares a lot in common with Forrest Gump, no doubt through the films sharing the same screeen writer. I think this is a good thing, Forrest Gump is a favourite of mine and I'm sure the future drafts of the BB script will Forrest Gump's level of social truth and humanity. My final words on the scripts - if a few minor changes are made to the films structures and a few scenes are trimmed out this is going to be a major film, one that finally lands the audience deserves. Also Pitt and Blanchett are a lock for Academy Award nominations and quite possibly wins.

The other big news concerns BB's US release date being moved back to December 19th of this year. Zodiac was delayed for what seemed like years so I wasn't suprised when this happend. We have to take into consideration the amount of post production work that will go into this movie. Plus releasing the movie in late December can only increase BB's award chances.

Tilda Swintong talks to MTV, she promises the effects will be amazing! By the way Tilda has an amazing cameo in the film. She should be a lock for a second consecutive nomination/award for best supporting actress.

Taraji P. Henson also has a great cameo role, after the movie comes we'll definetly be seeing more of her. Catch her talking to MTV here, and blackfilm here. I've always loved Jason Flemyng's cameo roles, here he has a few good words to say about Brad Pitt.

Like I mentioned earlier BB has a good shot at many Oscar noms and many potential wins. Even Variety is on the bandwagon.

I thought I was the biggest Fincher spruker around. But I have to admit Jefferey Wells beats me hands down. Read him hyping BB harder than me! His website is one of the best out there period. Here is a link to an interview he did with Fincher circa Zodiac's DVD release.

Now we know that Fincher is busy playing around with post effects and editing on BB but he has also been busy lining up future projects. I'm sure we all know about his long running involvement with trying to get Rendezvous with Rama up and that he has shown interest in directing the Torso graphic novel but that doesn't stop Fincher from getting involved with every 3rd project floating around Hollywood. First it was meant to be the French comic The Killer, then it was Charles Burns comic Black Hole and now it is a new animated anthology of Heavy Metal.

I know some of you out there just go crazy of the technical stuff, so head over to Studo Daily for your fix of Benjamin Button tech.

And finally we have photos from the movie. For so some behing the scenes shots of Cate Blanchett head over here. Below you can find the first two official shot from the movie.
Now that's all for now, I am promise I will keep this site updated as humanly possible from now until the film is released. I just hope the news keeps trickling in. In the meantime I am on the lookout for a new header design, I don't want to do it myself. So if you guys can come up with anything please email me on Also if you come by any news articles or if you were involved in the film please let me know!


Blogger mjandlexi'smama said...

Saw the movie last night and loved the part when benjamin button talks to his daughter through his journal.

Could you tell me the line when he says something like....When you don't like how your life looks, may you have the strength to change it....???

9:10 AM  
Anonymous sean said...

In the end, there is no big message that the film tries to convey. Simply, we’re left knowing that everyone has something special about them (“Some dance, some are mothers, some make buttons, some sing…” as Benjamin narrates near the end), and it’s those small things that make life all the more interesting.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous sean said...

i give it 6.5 out of 10.

12:35 PM  

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