Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interview with the writer

ComingSoon.net has a very a fascinating with writer extrodinaire Eric Roth - who if you don't know by now is the writer of the Benjamin Button script, he has also written the excellent Forrest Gump & The Insider scripts and has also penned the soon to be released DeNiro directed Good Shephard. The interview is extremely interesting and not just for the fact he talks about Benjamin Button. I think it is really a shame that more script writers aren't given the credit and exposure that they deserve! But then again 90% of script writers are robotic monkeys who churn out more crap than a horse *cough* Akiva Goldsman *cough* so it's no wonder they are under appreciated - you're thoughts readers?
Anyway heres a quote from the interview:

CS: For that Fincher film, you came on board after a bunch of other

Roth: Well, "Benjamin Bunton" was slightly different, because I just took permission to start from scratch. I never read anything that anyone else did, and any resemblance would just be purely coincidental. The only thing that remains is the names of the people in the F. Scott Fitzgerald [book]. The heart of it is about a guy who's aging backwards, but other than that, I just went "Page 1, this happens" and none of it's from the story or anybody else. It's the same thing I did on "Forrest Gump," 'cause that had gone on for nine or ten years, people trying it and it not working. When they gave it to me, I just said I'm going to try this.


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