Monday, August 28, 2006

How Fincher's Fight Club changed the game

And I'm not talking in terms of creativity and technical innovation but DVD sales! Check out this quote from an article about Blu-ray DVD's. The quote is:

Dunn says that his studio first recognized the change in consumer taste with the release of the DVD of "Fight Club," the controversial David Fincher film starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton as hopeless young men who vent their aggression through underground fight clubs. The 1999 film grossed only $44 million at the box office, but the DVD, complete with interpretation from Fincher, sold a 1 million copies.

Very interesting. It is a spectacular DVD set. The shame is the Australian version (which I have) only has one commentary track. None the less the DVD is an essential for any Fincher or movie fan! Must have!


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